Summit Kiara of LittleJaggers         


DAM: SUMMIT TOTALLY TONKA                                   

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Kiara is a sweet Brown Black Rosetted Bengal girl that comes from North Caroline, Summit Bengals.  She is TICA registered and has her pedigree.  Kiara tested negative (N/N) for PK Defiency and PRA on 02/21/2019.  She has also tested negative for Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficency virus and parasites in 2018. HCM negartive on 07/13/2019.  She is going to be a mama soon!!

Nomination Shining Star


SIRE: Manglar Gallardo

DAM: Benlux Tiffani                                   

This sweet girl came to me all the way from Russia, thank you Tatiana From Nomination Bengal Cattery! She has a very pleasant personality and loves to be held.  Since arriving, she does not leave my side and is constantly seeking affection. Her coat is smooth with nice bright rosettes and she has a nice white under belly.  She tested HCM negative on 07/13/2019 and both of her parents have been tested negatvie for Pk.Def. and PRA. Rose tested negatve for FIV and Feline Leukemia in April 2019.  She tested negatvie for parasites in May of 2019.  Just love this girl!

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Introducing Cerebrum Art Kayah Little But Wise of LittleJaggers

Amazing up and coming Silver Rosetted Queen

Much appreciation to Anastasia Bushakov, Breeder/Owner of Cerebrum * Art Bengal Cattery, for these beautiful girls!

Baby Queen #1

Sire:  Fortunatus Odyssey of Cerebrum * Art

DAM: Efrosinya Bingolain of Cerebrum * Art

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Introducing Meilani Heavenly Flower of LittleJaggers

Amazing up and coming Snow Sepia Rosetted Queen

Sire:  Bengassi Oskar

DAM: Stephanie Golden Alliance

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