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LittleJaggers Adoption Application


Kitten prices differ depending upon overall quality (profile & structure), and markings.  Kittens are sold as Pet, Female Breeders only, and Show.  Pet prices range between $1600.00 and $2100.00, Female Breeders/Show Quality kitten range between $3200.00-up.  



A deposit of $250.00 is required to hold kittens and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

The nonrefundable kitten deposit that we accept from families is a show of their good faith in honoring their commitment to adopt/purchase a kitten from LittleJaggers Cattery.  A refund will not be provided on a nonrefundable kitten deposit due to a family changing their mind regarding adopting/purchasing a new kitten from LittleJaggers Cattery or the family adopting/purchasing a kitten from another source.  We take great pride in our kittens and the deposit money goes toward the health and welfare of your new kitten, there are certain circumstances which will allow you to choose another kitten, however the deposit will go towards the new kitten at LittleJaggers Cattery.  All deposits are to be paid in cash or cashiers check only.  We do not accept checks, credit cards, PayPal or money orders.

Kitten application must be filled out and references checked before home visit can be scheduled. Kitten application link to download is below. 

Adults for Sale

None Available

Adult Prices vary depending upon quality and age of Bengal.  Please email me at if interested in purchasing one of our retired adults.  They are very well socialized and love attention.


This is a breeder I would recommend, and use again.

I first contacted Little Jaggers MD June 14th after locating this breeder on the TICA website. I was specifically looking for a female because I already had a male. I emailed the breeder and was happily informed a little girl was still available. The application process is very easy. After applying I went to visit SweetPea. I met with Kathy, the breeder, who was friendly and helpful answering all my questions. This is the second cat I would be owning and my first experience with a cat breeder. Kathy kept me updated with her growing and sent many pictures, which I enjoyed. After SweetPea was spayed and healing well, she was delivered. I was thrilled to finally get her home!

This was the part I was most nervous about...introducing her to my boy, Bullet. She was naturally nervous her first day, but gradually became more comfortable. I stayed home with both of my babies all day to assure both were acclimating. Her first day was mostly spent just watching from a far. At first I think Bullet thought I got him a new toy, but very quickly they started playing together. SweetPea wanted to cuddle, which Bullet was having nothing with. As you can see in the picture he finally gave in. Bullet also enjoys cleaning her. It is fun to watch them interact. 

I appreciate how even after I have paid the breeder, and she is now in her fur-ever home, Kathy still checks in. She wants to know her customers are happy as well as the kitten. 

Bullet was the first cat I've owned. He is loving and not the typical cat. I was nervous to get another cat because I didn't want that cat to be too independent and I didn't want that cat to upset or not get along with Bullet. SweetPea is a sweetie. She is also not a typical cat. They are both clingy, which I love. They enjoy taking showers and baths with me and "help" with everything I do. I am very blessed to have two great babies!!

Thank you Little Jaggers!!

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Kaitlyn Dunn

December 30, 2016 at 7:08pm

I highly recommend this breeder. Not only does Kathy have beautiful babies (cats), but an awesome family. My little Nala came home with me last year and I am still in contact with Goad-Smith Kathy. I know she is there if I need help or advice with my kids (cats) or in life in general. I try to be a better person because of Kathy, and although things slip through the cracks, I do try to think twice before posting things on Facebook knowing she can see it and I want to be a better person than I was yesterday. You can't go wrong getting a baby (cat) from this breeder! 😸😸😸I love yout 


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I came upon Little Jaggers while searching for Bengal kittens after my 15 year old beloved Bengal Cash passed in June of 2015.  His sister Cleo whom had never been separated from him since birth and I were heartbroken.  As soon as I spoke to Kathy and explained my quest to add two Bengal kittens to our family I just knew it was a match!

Soon after, Kathy and her daughter traveled to Frederick, Maryland to bring the entire litter and their mother to my home. It was love at first sight and I was so excited to begin the process of adding Samson and Delilah to our family.  The first thing I noticed was their beautiful markings!  They are just gorgeous and their personalities match their beauty in spades.  A few weeks later, I traveled to Kathy’s home in Baltimore to see the kittens in their own environment.  Each time I spent with them I fell more in love!

When the day finally came for their arrival, Kathy brought Samson and Delilah to my home.  She provided their health records, papers, along with food and treats to ensure they had a smooth transition to their new forever home.  It wasn’t long before Cleo and the kittens were best of friends!

During the entire process Kathy kept me updated with text messages, pictures and videos of the kittens.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the breed.  Her love for animals is evident and is exhibited in their sweet dispositions.  I would highly recommend Little Jaggers to anyone on their own quest for quality, beautiful, smart and loving Bengal cats.  Best decision I ever made!


Kelly A. Currier

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I would definitely recommend Little Jaggers to anyone looking for a bengal kitten.

I had 2 bengals and a rescue bengal mix when I decided I wanted to add another baby to our family.   The breeders I dealt with for my previous 2 bengals were nothing in comparison to my experience with Kathy.  Kathy was very prompt returning my e-mails when I inquired if she had any female kittens available and throughout the whole process she was always available for any questions.  My family and I went to meet our new baby girl and made the decision that she would be a good fit with our other 3 cats and 2 dogs.  Kathy gave us weekly photo and video updates so we could see how Aliyah was growing and her personality developing until she was ready to come to her new home.  When Aliyah went to be spayed, she didn't weigh enough to have it done safely.  Kathy gave us the option to bring her home as scheduled with the understanding that Aliyah was spayed by my vet.  This flexibility enabled us to have her integrate into our home and we didn't miss out on any more time with our baby.

Aliyah has been in our family for 8 months now and is a real sweetheart.  She is the most affectionate Bengal I have.  She enjoys camping with us and spending time outside on a leash.  Her markings are gorgeous.  I have no doubt that Kathy and her family nurtured her as a kitten to ensure she would become a wonderful family pet, which she has.  Kathy and I still keep in contact and share photos of Aliyah and share how well she is doing.   Kathy has true concern about the welfare and future of all the kittens she places and has a true passion for the bengal breed.  

Lesa and Family

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I can’t imagine Little Jaggers having an unhappy customer. Kathy is very passionate about taking great care of her cats/kittens. She’s easy to reach when you need answers to any questions or concerns. Her passion is clearly the Bengal Breed and she’s truly dedicated to contribute and improve the Bengal cat. We are truly blessed to have met Kathy of Little Jaggers Bengals.

We absolutely LOVE our Bengal. “Ruby Rose” is a great addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier! Rosie is stunning, glitters like gold and has beautiful markings! She’s so smart and very athletic. She’s simply “PERFECT”.

Kathy takes placing her kittens very seriously and there are a few steps you have to move through in order to be considered a good home for one of her special babies. Screening for their well being is more important then the money! The screening process took a few days but well worth the wait for our best kitten ever!

When we visited Little Jaggers, all the kittens were well socialized, well adjusted, healthy with recent vet check and vaccinations as well as tested for genetic issues.

When it was time for Ruby Rose to leave her baby kitten home, Kathy personally drove “Rosie” to our house! We also received an extra special treat! ....wonderful professional photos of our new kitten!

We highly recommend Little Jaggers and would gladly purchase from Little Jaggers again. 

Debbie & Family

Ruby, now Ruby Rose is a very special little kitty that our family took great pride in choosing the most special family that she is with now, we love getting all of the updates from all of our forever home families and have made wonderful friends with all of them.  

Kathy and Family (LittleJaggers)

Emmett is a wonderful cat.  He is fairly friendly with strangers.  He is very affectionate.  Loves to sit in my lap every time I sit down and some times asks me to sit down so he can sit in my lap.  He has a beautiful, super-soft coat.  He is very playful.  He loves to run around the house playing his version of hide and seek.  He will hide and call for me to find him and when I do, he'll gallop off to the other side of the house and call again.

Sarah, Roy and girls

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Our family could not be more pleased by our experience with Little Jaggers. After having to put our previous cat down in December of 2015, we were looking for a kitten to love. We already knew that due to our allergies, we needed a purebred Bengal, so I started searching online for available Bengals in the Maryland area. I came across Kathy's website and immediately fell in love with a photo of an 18 week old male. When we met the kitten in person, we knew he was going to be the perfect addition to our family. We were impressed with Kathy's knowledge about Bengals, as well as her beautiful cats and the way she and her family care for them. Even now, almost a year after bringing Flynn home, we often text to ask questions or just to share cute photos of how he has made himself at home with us. Once, when we had a concern, Kathy even drove to our home to observe Flynn and give us her advice, which worked like a charm. We absolutely love our beautiful boy and are so grateful to have found Little Jaggers.



One Artsy Mama

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